Love Is

from by Spiral Key

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He walked the same way
Just like any other day
Today looked to him like
Just every other day
Bought the mirror, the star
Or some other paper lies
Headline screaming hate and love
With no good reason why

He knew he shouldn’t be here
That what he did was wrong
But he was only doing his best
In a world going rapidly wrong
Only wanted what you want, what I want
Moments in the sun
Never saw the faceless followers
Or a hand pull out the gun

Heard a scream, a shout
Then no more sound
Eight thousand miles just
To die face down in the grime
of this dirty little town


Peace is a word often used
By folk scared of healthy conflict
War is a toy for
Little men in big offices
(where they can hide)
Hate is a wall behind which
You can hide from the mirror
Don’t wanna see your face on the other side
It’s hard to hate, eye to eye
When your love is in the hands of someone
You don’t really know
Love is a loaded gun

Truth is a word and nothing more
It changes in time
Lies are a tool for you to
Safely ignore my good side
(keep me on your blindside)
Time is a hammer useful
For beating your workforce into a shape you like
Your rules make things safe for you
To do exactly what you want to
Is hate a weapon or love gone wrong?
In the hands of the lost
Love is a hidden bomb


But, when it’s quiet
When it’s dark outside
There is you and the sound
Of your breathing

Do you ever feel
Someone there
Watching you sleep and waiting
To slide you aside

Do you know what love is??


When I wake up in the morning
I only need to turn my head left
Look right there beside me
To see what love is

Who really needs a book, or a faith or a sermon
Someone telling you how to feel
Do you really need all that?

To see what love is

If you need a man on the TV to tell you
That god is on his side
You’ve been taken for a ride
That’s not what love is

A Nation or a flag, some colourful rag
A nickel-plated badge
Will never ever show you
What love is

Every thinking being on this big old world
Knows without trying, without any words
It’s in their DNA, their Chi, their soul
That’s what love is

There’s nothing magic, clever, written in the stars
Throw away the hate, you’ve been misinformed
All you gotta do is listen to your heart
To see what love is


from Perfect Machine, released May 30, 2013



all rights reserved


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SPIRAL KEY was formed in 2012 by David McCabe and Ken Wynne, two experienced performers and writers of rock music eager to express a common love of progressive music, turning years of simmering ideas and songs into the coherent whole that is SPIRAL KEY - a fully independent progressive rock/progressive metal band with symphonic overtones. ... more

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